Tips On How to Preserve and Enjoy Your Furniture

There’s a fine line between being a responsible furniture owner and forgetting what furniture was made to do. Furniture has a purpose and you should get the most out of your furniture. Here are some tips on just how to do that.Invest inFabric Protection You bought your furniture to be lived on. So live on it. The laws of chaos theory state that spills, accidents, and parties that get out of hand can and will happen. You shouldn’t spend that time worried about your furniture to the point that you forget it is just furniture. Using fabric protection can give you that piece of mind you need to enjoy yourself and let your furniture just be furniture. Plus, there is virtually no investment in a fabric protection spray; it’s a no brainer.The Sun Gives Us Life And Takes It From Our FurnitureHeat and light may be the archenemy of furniture upholstery. The light can fade your brightly colored furniture and the extreme heat, or just the fluctuation of temperature can lead to cracking and in some cases, like wood piece, weaken your furniture to the point of no return. To minimalize this effect, try to regularly move your furniture around, rotating the pieces that get the sun exposure. Not every week, obviously, that would be crazy. But switch it up ever couple months. The change will keep your home feeling fresh and it will keep your furniture better preserved.Beware of Wet or Arid ClimatesBasically, you don’t want your furniture to experience too much moisture or not enough moisture. Depending on the climate you live in, you may need to introduce a humidifier or something that does the opposite of a humidifier. I’m not sure what that might be. Basically, you want to avoid drastic changes in moisture or humidity because it causes shrinking, swelling, and cracking. And you don’t want too moist an environment, like many unfinished basements, because your furniture will get that wet smell and that is hard to come back from.Invest in A Table Pad For Your Wood TableTable pads are a great investment. Cheap, long lasting, and protects your beautiful dinner table from scratches, nicks, damage from hot food, and general spills. Your dining room table is the centerpiece of your home, it’s where your family comes together every night, it’s where the holidays really become the holidays (because the food makes the holiday in my opinion), so it should look beautiful all year round.The Boy in The Plastic BubbleIf the boy was a piece of furniture. No one, including your furniture, should have to live like that. Not only does no one want to sit on a plastic cover, but also no one could ever be comfortable in the home of a person who puts plastic covers on their furniture. If I walk into a home and see the furniture covered in plastic, I immediately get nervous. Does Dexter live here? Am I about to be his next victim? This should not be the response you are trying to illicit from your guests. Furniture is meant to be lived on, so live on it.If you follow all my tips, there should never be the need for a plastic cover. Enjoy your furniture; enjoy your life.